At the age of 8 years old my father gave me my first gun, and  it was pretty much all over from there.  My dad raised me to handle  weapons safely and responsibly. He taught me How to clean and take care  of guns so they perform and last for years. I grew up hunting, fishing,  and camping here in the maine woods. my favorite place was, and still  is, a family camp off flagstaff lake.  I have always had a passion for  firearms - from cleaning them, to fixing and restoring, to building  them. And the most rewarding part...shooting them as often as  humanly  possible!  At 19, I began fixing, fabricating, and building things.   Shortly after,  i moved on from fabricating to welding.  I loved  working with metal and making things from scratch.  I welded and  fabricated on mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.  while welding  and fabricating for over a decade, i had done a ton of crazy and  amazing jobs!  now, as years have past, I made the decision to finally  move forward with my true passion...Guns, Guns, and more Guns! I  love modifying & customizing weapons.  I want customers to feel like  their firearm was designed and built specifically for them.  A one off  custom job for each and every customers weapon!

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